Three Graces is a product of passion for all that is involved with creating memorable experiences through creative style and meticulous planning. Specializing in Weddings and Events we are there to support you in making your dream celebration come to life.


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01. drawing inspiration

Three Graces is a Sudbury-based Wedding and Event Planning, Styling and Production Service. We pride ourself in creating truly unique celebrations that are a reflexion of the client's style and personality.

Our priority is a memorable guest experience, smooth and effortless execution and of course, some really amazing times! 

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drawing inspiration


In Greek Mythology, the Three Graces were nymphs and goddesses who were attendants to Aphrodite - the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Considered to be the personifications of Beauty, Charm and Grace, they inspire others to seek Love, Culture, Social Interaction and Creativity.  Residing above the golden clouds, the  social hostesses brought Joy and Goodwill to all events.

this is three graces

meet sherie

Passion-fuelled for creating stylish designs and event planning, certified Wedding Planner, Sherie Filion, embarked on the journey of founding Three Graces.

With meticulous attention to details combined with her dedication and personable approach, Sherie not only brings your vision to life but also creates lasting bonds with her clients and vendors.

Planning events can be overwhelming and stressful, filled with many questions and decisions to make -  Sherie's mission is to help guide you through those moments, allow you to breath easy  and make sure you never feel alone.
With Sherie by your side, you can love the experience; from start to finish.


wedding planner, event stylist, makeup artist

our philosophy


By getting to know you and listening to your needs we will match you with the top vendors who will meet your budget, vision and style.

Working with vendors is always considered a partnership as we believe it takes a Team Approach to ensure your event flows effortlessly. We have found that by removing the silos of individual services  and allowing a higher level of involvement through regular communication, coordination of logistics and sharing important details, including a complete order of events for the day, we are then all able to be execute with excellence and deliver exceptional service you and your guests deserve.

team of vendors

our clients

Every client has a different set of needs and our goal is to tailor our process to you. We aim to make the planning an effortless, enjoyable experience. We listen to our clients, absorb their vision as our own and bring suggestions and creative, unique ideas to truly personalize the event.

This is your event - You are as involved in the process as you choose to be. We always turn to you for final decision on vendors and your input on design, music and personal details is always valuable to us.  We never get tired of listening to "Wedding Talk" and remove as much stress as possible from you so you can sit back and enjoy your event with your friends and family.


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You have dreamt about this day and how perfect it would be. Don't miss a single moment - Let us worry about the details while you sit back and enjoy.

From getting yourself organized to full event planning, we can help. Whether it be a small intimate affair or a grand luxurious event, our services is the best gift you could give yourself.

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Our passion for design extends into the floral elements of your wedding and events. With creativity and style, we look forward to creating custom pieces that are unique to you and your event.


social events

Corporate, Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Stag & Does, Engagement Parties, Bridal Showers,  Baby Showers - We offer customized planning services for any event that could fill your calendar!


Customizing our process to each client's wants and needs, our Full Wedding Planning service delivers an efficient experience that allows you to enjoy the process from start to finish. 

full wedding planning




phase based planning

Every client has different needs and may only require guidance through some elements of the process. We've built our Phase Based planning packages to tailor your needs:

01.  Organization
02.  Procurement
03.  Styling
04.  Final Management

client reviews


SAB + steven

"Sherie took all of our visions from that initial meeting and brought it to life on our wedding day. There was not a single time during the day that we did not feel confident in Sherie’s ability to handle any hurdle that may have come our way. It could not have been a more perfect day! 
Sherie is far more than a wedding planner. You can tell by her passion that she truly cares about you and your wedding and the memories she created for us will last a lifetime! Sherie will become your decorator, your personal assistant, your scheduler, your financial advisor and by the time your wedding day comes, she will become a life long friend!"

You aren't just a Wedding Planner, through this "Wedding Adventure" you have become a good friend. Thank you again Sherie! You have no idea how much everything means to Bob and I; you blew us away!  Everything was perfect! 

client reviews

Tanya + bob


client reviews

sue + barry

"We continue to marvel at the beauty of our wedding weekend and how perfect it all was. We also feel the value of your time, effort and creativity was way beyond your original quote for your services. We hope our paths cross again in the future. Your role in our beginning the next chapter of our journey together was very important to us." 


client reviews


"To any person looking to plan an event: I cannot stress enough how instrumental Sherie from Three Graces was in making our wedding a phenomenally resounding success. Sherie's professionalism and resourcefulness are outmatched only by her patience, kindness and unparalleled creativity. She by far exceeded all expectations, and we would unquestionably recommend her services to anyone. We are so, so grateful for all of her hard work and dedication to helping us execute this important day in our lives."


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